200 mm long compact body with sharply ground Universal teeth (Rip/Cross/Slant cut) for cutting wood in all directions is ideal for cutting solid wood, Plywood, Block board in confined spaces.

Handy Utility
  • Handy Utility saw
  • Handy Utility package
  • Handy Utility blade
  • Handy Utility blade package
  • Handy Utility blade up
  • Saw : No.15086
  • Blade : No.15087
  • Blade Length : 200mm
  • Pitch : 1.75mm (15TPI)
  • Thickness : 0.50mm
  • Kerf : 0.70mm
  • Sawn wood
  • Universal cut
  • Impulse Hardening
  • Hook fit
Compact body

Compact body

380mm compact body is ideal for the works in confined spaces.

Ergonomic grip

End flared grip skinned with slip-proof Elastomer is designed for comfort grip and less fatigue of the works.

Ergonomic grip
Tapered fore-blade

Tapered fore-blade

Round fore-blade can be inserted to the confined spaces and cut wood at acute angles.

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