Saw Guide
Applied with UNIVERSAL S-265 + PISTOL S-160 Green
Saw Guide Saw Guide F Saw Guide mini  

Innovative angle adjustable Saw Guide is developed for cutting work
pieces at 90 degree, right & left 45 degree and back inclined 45 degree etc.

Saw Guide Instruction
Saw Guide Instruction (A4 4pages)

Product introduction streaming movie
non narration, non telop


Square Cut Cutting Wideboard Right&Left 45 degree
angle cutting
Back 45 degree
inclined angle cutting
Cutting Lumber :
 Attach the Positioning Holder to the Base Plate, and hold the Guide in the cutting position firmly, then start sawing along the groove line.
Cutting WideBoard :
 Attach the Parallel Sliding Holder first, and clamp the rule or straight wooden piece to the board as a guide, then start cutting with the Guide following the strokes.

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